Therapy Session

The staff here is extremely friendly, and make you feel like your right at home. Wouldn't go anywhere else to see a psychiatrist besides here


Great Company; The staff, and doctor was very professional, and friendly. I will edit this review if anything changes in the future, but for right now can't be happier with my decision to visit them.


Need a Psychiatrist in Jacksonville, Florida look no further. Dr. Bih Tambi and her staff at Bellevue Behavioral Solutions inc. are very friendly, and kind.


I don't wish to discuss the nature of my visit to this psychiatrist office however the staff, and Dr. Bih Tambi was extremely professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Bellevue Behavioral Solutions Inc. to anyone in Jacksonville, Florida who needs a Psychiatrist.


Dr. Bih Tambi is the best psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL and has helped me out tremendously! If you need psychiatry or a psychiatrist and you live in Jax I highly recommend Bellevue Behavioral Solutions Inc.


Very Professional Institution. Staff is very pleasant, and helpful, and Dr. Tambi is amazing. If you need a Mental Health/ Psychiatrist in Jacksonville this is the place to go.


Dr. Tambi is great! She listens and is very compassionate. I've had my mental illness for 20 years and she respects that I know a lot about my illness and what medications do and do not work for me. She doesn't try to randomly try new medications on me like other Dr.'s have. I highly recommend her.


I just wanted to take a second to send some positive feedback on your employee Sophie, that works the front desk/phones & virtual appointments.

Sophie has been great with the changes that have come from COVID and the expansion and move of the practice. She’s kind, helpful, and easy to talk to.

She also helped me out recently and did not pass judgement on me.


Dr. Tambi has assisted me in my treatment for a year now and I really only have positive thoughts about her practice. I noticed some patients have criticized the rushed appointments/sessions and I wonder if they noticed how she is rarely, if ever, late calling them back into her office. I personally respect the fact I have NEVER waited longer then a single minute before I am called back to her office.