Therapy Session

The staff here is extremely friendly, and make you feel like your right at home. Wouldn't go anywhere else to see a psychiatrist besides here


Great Company; The staff, and doctor was very professional, and friendly. I will edit this review if anything changes in the future, but for right now can't be happier with my decision to visit them.


Need a Psychiatrist in Jacksonville, Florida look no further. Dr. Bih Tambi and her staff at Bellevue Behavioral Solutions inc. are very friendly, and kind.


I don't wish to discuss the nature of my visit to this psychiatrist office however the staff, and Dr. Bih Tambi was extremely professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Bellevue Behavioral Solutions Inc. to anyone in Jacksonville, Florida who needs a Psychiatrist.


Dr. Bih Tambi is the best psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL and has helped me out tremendously! If you need psychiatry or a psychiatrist and you live in Jax I highly recommend Bellevue Behavioral Solutions Inc.


Very Professional Institution. Staff is very pleasant, and helpful, and Dr. Tambi is amazing. If you need a Mental Health/ Psychiatrist in Jacksonville this is the place to go.

You can find our Jacksonville clinic at:

12058 San Jose Blvd, Suite 903

Jacksonville, FL 32223

You can find our Savannah GA clinic at:

6815 Forest Park Drive, Suite 122

Savannah, GA 31406


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