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All psychiatric services can be provided in person or through telehealth.


As a leading Jacksonville psychiatrist, Dr. Tambi, uses a holistic approach to mental health that goes beyond prescribing medications. We have extensive experience helping patients navigate through common emotional and behavioral issues on a fulfilling journey to regaining a sense of who they are.

We have reduced our rates to help patients with ongoing financial difficulties in general or related to COVID. We have dropped our prices to very affordable rates and we do have sliding scale rates available too.

We offer the three services: psychiatric evaluations, bridge medical evaluations, and medication management.

Psychiatric Evaluations

This is a complete evaluation and health history, informing ongoing treatment planning which is always an in person visit at our office location. This could be initial evaluations, second opinion evaluations or evaluations for clearance for bariatric surgery or other surgical procedures. This is an assessment which  takes into account your past experience with psychiatry and psychology, medical problems, and other stressors that may be contributing to your symptoms.  



We pride ourselves on creating a treatment plan that includes lifestyle modifications, individual psychotherapy recommendations, dietary changes, physical activity, herbal remedies, and, if needed, over-the-counter and prescribed medications.

Bridge Medical Evaluations

Our bridge medical evaluations are ideal for patients who have been discharged from a medical facility, inpatient psychiatric facility, rehab center and will like to renew their medications without going through a complete evaluation.

Medication Management


Medication is generally safe and effective, especially when coupled with therapy. Medication can be either long-term or short-term, depending on the severity of the symptoms and that patient’s goals.

However, it can take both time and patience to find the right medication for the patient. During the initial assessment, we will go over previous medications and therapies to find what works best for the patient.

Part of the challenge of medication and why medication management is important is determining the specific dose and timing of medication for each individual. There are no consistent relationships between height, age and clinical response to a medication. Trial often is the best determining factor to finding the most beneficial dosage. Typically, patients will start with a lower dose, increasing dosage until clinical benefits are achieved.

Once a medication is prescribed, a medical follow-up appointment will be made to see if your medications are effective, or if any adjustments need to be made.


We use the latest evidence to guide your medication choices, making sure to limit side effects while alleviating your symptoms so that life can be meaningful.

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We are committed to providing a wide array of behavioral health services to cater to every individual. Our Jacksonville psychiatric team is trained and certified with the proper knowledge to give you the best care possible.